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Magnet recognition

magnet program for nurses at UC Irvine
Magnet recognition is the "gold standard" in the nursing world.

Why UC Irvine nurses are the "gold standard"

Magnet Recognition is the highest level of recognition a hospital can achieve for excellence in nursing. It is considered the “gold standard” in the nursing world.
  • It is the highest recognition awarded to nurses. The Magnet Recognition Program for Excellence in Nursing Service affords important national recognition to facilities that demonstrate sustained excellence in nursing care.
  • It is a designation that recognizes quality patient care and nursing excellence.
  • It is the highest honor an organization can receive from the American Nurses Association for excellence in nursing care.

UC Irvine Medical Center became the first Magnet hospital in Orange County in 2003. At that time, it was the third Magnet hospital in California and the 77th Magnet hospital in the United States.

The medical center received Magnet recognition a second time in 2008.

What does Magnet Recognition mean?

Magnet Recognition is the highest level of recognition a hospital can receive for excellence in nursing. The hospital must demonstrate this excellence through a comprehensive review every four years. When a hospital receives Magnet Recognition, it means the hospital has created an environment that:

  • Supports nursing practice
  • Focuses on professional autonomy
  • Focuses on decision-making at the bedside
  • Involves nurses in determining the work environment
  • Encourages professional education
  • Promotes career development and nursing leadership

The Magnet Model

The American Nurse's Credentialing Center (ANCC) gives the following definition of the Magnet Model:

The ANCC model for the Magnet Recognition program serves as a road map for organizations seeking Magnet recognition and provides a framework for nursing practice and research in the future.

The Magnet Model organizes the 14 forces of magnetism into five model components, with a focus on outcome measurement and streamlined documentation.



Vision for Magnet 

ANCC Magnet-recognized organizations will serve as a fount of knowledge and expertise for the global delivery of nursing care. Grounded in core Magnet principles, these organizations will be flexible and constantly strive for discovery and innovation. They will lead healthcare reform, the discipline of nursing, and care of the patient, family and community.

Model Components


For more information on Magnet, please visit the ANCC Magnet Program Overview website.

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