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Nursing Assistants Orientation

UC Irvine Medical Center hires new licensed nursing assistants (NA). ALL new hired NA will attend a general hospital orientation which includes rules and regulations, employee benefits, resources, and computer class. After this Central hospital orientation the NA will be scheduled to attend 6 hour class where a review of the necessary skills and the standards of clinical practice are provided by the educators/CNS. All new NAs clinical staff will complete a Clinical Orientation which may vary by unit and or division. During the clinical orientation time you will be assigned a preceptor to follow who may be a senior clinical nurse assistant or another clinician.

The unit/area Manager and/or Educator will be meeting with you during the Clinical Orientation. At this time you can ask questions related to your Schedule for the weeks following Central Orientation. New staff are expected to arrive on time and adhere to medical center’s dress code.

If you are interested in a position as a nursing assistant you may visit the UC Irvine Medical Center careers website, find a position that is of interest to you and complete an application. You also may contact human resources for questions and clarification.