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Nursing Strategic Plan

Nursing’s mission, vision, values, and strategic and quality plans reflect the organization's current and anticipated strategic priorities. 

Nursing services has adopted and operates under the mission, vision and core values of the organization and utilizes the organizational strategic plan and quality goals as a foundation from which nursing's strategic initiatives and quality goals are derived. The organizational mission statement, "Discover. Teach. Heal." succinctly describes the purpose of UC Irvine Healthcare and provides an ever-present reminder as to why the organization exists. It represents the interweaving of excellence in patient care, research and education. It is the guidepost by which strategic decisions are made and empowers nursing to define its unique role within nursing's own philosophy and strategic plan. The organizational vision (To be among the best (top 20) academic health centers in the nation in research, medical education, and excellence in patient care) and organizational core values (Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Service and Excellence--ARI2SE) also transcend nursing so as to not require a separate foundation apart from the organization.

Although nursing has adopted the organizational vision statement to be among the best academic health centers in the nation, it was clear that the role of nursing needed to be articulated. To do this, nursing added the following description into the Nursing Strategic Plan:

Nursing excellence will be recognized by

  • Magnet Designation
  • Exceptional staff engagement
  • High level of patient and family satisfaction
  • Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators that exceed national benchmarks
  • Evidence of coordination across the continuum of care
  • Strong financial performance

The Nursing Strategic Plan was then developed with input from staff regarding the key values nursing represented. The Nursing Strategic Plan was designed to align with the Organizational Strategic Plan with a focus on the key areas where nursing has the most impact. 

Nursing Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Nursing Strategic Plan 2011-2017